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WBR Cocktail Certification 2 Day Hands-on 

Day 1: 9AM- 4PM: Lunch will be provided 


Elevating your technique and eliminating install pain points is your first step to provide a safe and secure extension install for your clients. 

Hands-on class 

  • WBR: sectioning, beadwork, sewing 
  • WBR Hidden Row: sectioning, beadwork, sewing 
  • K-TIP Connection 

 How to UTILIZE our EXCLUSIVE PATENTED  Extension Products

  • Hidden Weft
  • Weft 
  • K-TIPS


7PM - 9PM

Come connect with our Mentors, Team Members and New tribe members.

Cocktails + Appetizers.  

 Day Two 9 AM- 4 PM: Lunch will be provided 

Mentor Classroom our mentors will breakdown WBR 3 main pillars:

Technique, Business, Sociall Presence and Certification Celebration!

2023 WBR KIT 

Certification Workbook, Hair Extension Swatch Ring, Salon Robe, brush, sectioning comb, crocodile clips

Weft Kit: tool kit, practice hair, practice beads, practice thread, needles 

K-TIP KIT: Micro K-TIP iron, heat shield, pin clips


Your Kit:  Our team will handle all the details and will Process your order and have your kit prepared for your scheduled class date.



Hair Extension CREDIT 

1. $500 credit that can be used towards our new “ HAIR EXTENSION” salon intro coming AUGUST 2023!  (Expires within 30-days after certifcation)

2. WBR MENTOR CLASSROOM: 90-DAY Access to the WBR MENTOR classroom


  • Technique videos for review 
  • Technique challenge with WBR MENTOR feedback 
  • Worksheets + Printouts 
  • Mentor Q/A: monthly group zoom call
  • THREE Model Install Demos: WBR, WBR Hidden Row, WBR Cocktail 
  • Blending Haircut 
  • Styling Tips 


  • New Client Application 
  • Extension Consultation
  • VIP contracts
  • How to order Extensions
  • Client Experience 
  • Extension Service Flow 
  • Extension Aftercare 
  • Extension Client Salon Policies 
  • Mentor Q/A: monthly business group zoom call


  • Social Media 
  • Content Tour
  • Cleaning up your social media 
  •  Social Media BIO
  • Content Calendar 
  • Pro-Tips for before+ After Pictures



  • 20/21 Boise, ID
  • 27/28 Sacramento, CA


  • 10/11 Scottsdale. AZ
  • 17/18 NYC
  • 24/25 Anaheim, CA 


  • 15/16 Orlando,FL
  • 22/23 SLC, UT


Stylist Class Reviews

Sarah E

“I was certified ten years ago by two different well-known brands but never used it behind the chair.  I chose to get WBR certified because I liked how the foundation of the WBR method looked so secure for the client's hair integrity and that WBR promotes reinstalls vs move-ups.

My favorite thing about the WBR Cocktail Certification was discussing the concept of packages to lock clients in for 6 months. This made me feel like when I walk away from class I had the tools I needed to use this method behind the chair to grow my business.”


Maggie W

“Before getting WBR Cocktail Certified I was extension certified with another brand.  With the other method the issue I was having behind the chair was my corners flapping. I really appreciated how WBR went more into depth about how to go about them and how to resolve this issue. Within a month of my WBR Cocktail Certification, I have added two more extension clients!!! My clients are saying they're loving the beads being hidden and how there are only two rows.”


Kelli N

“Coming into my WBR Certification I had to learn sewing techniques from scratch!  Being able to have

WBR mentors to reach out to, and positive feedback made this, unlike any other class I have taken. Before I was WBR Certified I was only doing tape-in extensions, I have now switched to weft extensions, and cocktailing k-tip extensions to elevate my services. I have almost cut out tape-in extensions and feel as though my services have been elevated. My clients love being able to wear their hair up, they like the amount of hair they are able to wear using Wbr and also feel like it is the most comfortable method without any residue.”


Rachel A

”I love that the WBR Certification gave me more of a solid foundation for my extension installs. In the last year, I have gained 6 consistent extension clients.  My clients love the comfort and versatility!”


Sharla M

“I have been certified in 6 different Extension methods including Waterfall beaded row.  Before my WBR certification, I was having issues with Anchoring, getting a tight hidden row, and utilizing hand-tied wefts.  What really helped me in class were all of the Tips and tricks on anchoring, how to start and end a hand-tied weft, and how to use your clips to hold the hidden row tight.  Since getting WBR certified my extension business has grown and I no longer have any issues with slipping beads.”


Tara Z

“When I got WBR Cocktail Certified, I had been previously certified in the other top 4 most popular extension install methods. Before WBR I didn't love installing hand-tied extensions and struggled with their corners. Now I love incorporating them into my installations.WBR helped with getting really clean installs that a growing out beautifully.  After my class, my clients were excited to try a new method and it encouraged them to mix in other methods and cocktail them together to get the client the perfect customized install.  My clients love the fullness, the custom fit, and of course the flip-up.”



  • Will my kit be shipped? No, our team will provide your WBR KIT in class!
  • How do I find my digital course access? Our team will send you an email invite. Please download the KAJABI APP for on the go access. 
  • I have taken multiple extension classes why should I join WBR? WBR is a stylist owned brand with 17 years of real extension experience. Our WBR techniques were created with intent and purpose and the client experience in mind.  We are definitely not a “trendy” or “bash other stylists work” type of brand. It is our goal to teach our TRIBE members how to ELIMINATE PAIN POINTS and elevate their business no matter what level you are starting from.  Our business focus is to uplift and inspire those around us with an emphasis on  1. Technique 2. Business 3. Social Presence. We strive daily  to provide a safe community to UPLIFT + ELEVATE one another.
  • What if I am already WBR CERTIFIED is there a ALUMNI discount code? YES, we are so excited for you to keep growing please email JENNIE for a ALUMNI discount code














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