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The WBR Story


Hi, I am the WBR FOUNDER  Meg @stylingwithmeg  just like many stylists I started out 16 years ago as an assistant at my first salon. I was so excited to be there 40 hours a week until I got my first paycheck and realized I was making $2 an hour. Drowning in student loans and bills friends and family told me to give up and focus on a real career. I made it my goal not to give up. I went back to the salon and realized the top stylist was an extension and color specialist. She had beautiful long hair, worked 3 days a week, and made thousands of dollars a week. 

I knew I needed to add extensions to my service menu ASAP.  Within 6 months I was able to change the path of my career. I was able to go BOOTH RENT and was on track to make over 100k a year.

Fast forward to 2015  and 1000 extension clients later I opened my own extension salon with 22 stylists.  Clients started wanting sew-in extensions and I was excited to offer them the NEW CLASSIC Beaded Row Foundation. I immediately knew something was wrong my clients were constantly complaining about 

  • Tension sores
  • Weft corners lifting 
  • Sewing coming undone 
  • Beads slipping out 
  • Only lasting 3-4 weeks

Clients were non-stop calling for redos. I was mortified my career and reputation I had spent years building was unraveling as fast as the wefts I was applying.

One day one of my favorite clients told me she was sick of the redos. What can we do????

I told her I would evaluate every issue and come up with a solution. 

That night I went home and spent hours coming up with the WBR FOUNDATION trying to create a safe and secure foundation for my extension clientele.

I called my mom and told her I had created something special that the industry had never seen before. I knew my clients were going to be obsessed with it.

I went back to the salon and started applying the WBR FOUNDATION on all of my clients. It worked NO MORE REDOS! Every issue I had faced -WBR solved. My clients were excited and happy they said the application felt lighter and more comfortable. There was less natural shedding than I have ever seen with other sew in foundations!

When weft education became the most sought after  technique I knew I had to share my love of WBR with the industry. If I was struggling with these issues I knew other stylists would be too! I made it my mission to educate and elevate the industry with integrity. I believe the 8 weeks after is just as important as when the client leaves the salon!  I love watching our TRIBE GROW. We currently have 1000's of happy clients and stylists!





 I’m a licensed cosmetologist of 16 years. I am currently a salon owner, Bellami Professional Brand Partner, Bellami Master Educator, Modern Salon Top 100, Modern Salon Artist Connective member, HANZO Artist.

I have dedicated my entire career to the art of extensions. I have manufactured and sold 2 extension lines. Certified thousands of students across the globe in the USA, CANADA, FRANCE, SPAIN, and ENGLAND. 

I love educating and watching stylists grow and elevate their careers. It drives me to be better every day and give all I can to the WBR and my Bellami Stylists. I can't wait for you to join and crush your goals!

XO Meg