Become an extension master in with the WBR Cocktail Certification.

Get certified in our signature 3-method cocktail course, which includes detailed instruction on multi-methods, and other advanced techniques. 

With our extensive curriculum and personalized instruction from WBR EDUCATORS, you’ll feel confident in elevating your extension services. 

When it comes to beauty services, it’s all about trust.

WBR’s entire education platform is centered around giving clients the confidence and assurance that their hair extensions are a damage-free, secure, and a long-lasting experience.

As a stylist owned brand we understand the hassle of expensive and time-consuming redos, and have created an application that’s easy to use and eliminates the need for long appointments and lost revenue.

With WBR, you will be able to give your clients a safe and secure install that’s free of slip and tedious salon redos.

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